I am all about inspiring others, inciting change, and promoting artistic values.

What I’m Up To Currently:

  • Serving as a Senior Strategist at NVE Experience Agency, Inc. I’m also the lead program manager of the agency’s Inclusive Learning Lab platform. 

Hi, peeps! I'm EP, a dynamic and creative multi-hyphenate guided by purpose and integrity, all with the aim of leaving a lasting, meaningful impact on others.

Through thoughtful, intentional, and innovative leadership, I aim to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and inspire those around me to do the same. My mission is clear: I want to empower individuals to discover their creative voices, forge visionary paths, and tell compelling stories.

My extensive and diverse expertise spans various domains, including digital strategy, design, culture and inclusive marketing,project management, and much more. Over the years, I've led and supported renowned brands and organizations like UNCF, CÎROC, Square/CashApp, TikTok, and The NBA, facilitating the creation of top-tier campaigns and content across diverse domestic and international markets. I have a track record of delivering exceptional guest services and have collaborated with esteemed institutions like The Smithsonian Institution, as well as moderating engaging panel discussions and university lectures.