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My visual art has been featured in exhibitions,
focusing on themes of identity, love, grief, community, and humanity

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Love, Land, and Deception

June 14-July 26, 2024
Chicago Art Department

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Overview: The exhibition seeks to explore and define the structure, system, and dynamics of the patriarchy; Investigate the patriarchies’ intersectional effects on different bodies, minds, communities, and the land; Propose actions for remediation, healing, and deconstruction of the patriarchy at the individual, community, and/or systemic level.

AnySquared Curators:  Cielo Estrella Aguilera, Sara Laureano, Cara Mastanduno, Mario R. Salinas, Sofia Brunwin, Pamela Trejo, Insidious Studios, Andrew Ramirez, Akira Iyashikei, Tracy Kostenbader

Featured Works: In April 2024, I traveled to Cuba with ReglaSOUL, an Afro-Caribbean collective, to explore the intersections of agriculture, spirituality, and community-led activism. In a place steeped in resistance, I saw how the patriarchy affects both the land and the bodies that tend it, creating cycles of isolation and individual struggle. The photos I captured during this trip showcase a different story—one of hope and connection with the Afro-Cubans’ ancestral roots. From the urban gardens of Havana to the fields of Matanzas, I witnessed a profound sense of love and solidarity among those who remain on the island. These images reflect the soft, tender love that the natives have for their land--resisting generations of oppression by nurturing the soil they call home. Acknowledging the legacy of colonialism and patriarchal deception allows us to reimagine a world where community, not domination, guides our relationship with the land.

  • “A Day In Soroa” (2024), Digital Photography, 30in x 40in 
  • “Family Farming in Guanabo” (2024), Digital Photography, 30in x 40in