Guest Lecturer at

San Diego State University

Social Media, Movement, and Justice

I was invited to serve as a guest lecturer for a graduate-level Social Media, Movement, and Justice course at San Diego State University. The topic for the week centered around social media activism, and I gave a crash course  on how to approach social media advocacy work from an authentic lens Additionally, I facilitated a collaborative workshop with the students to build their own campaign.

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Student Feedback

❝[EP] was so enthusiastic and excited about the material, and it was contagious. She was also very honest and approachable when it came to the downsides of this line of work. Excellent lecturer.❞
❝I think people learn best from those they feel a connection with and those they feel are being themselves and from that lecture I felt like you genuinely cared about us as students, was very personable, and again true to yourself which made it easy to learn!❞
❝She really knew what she was talking about and gave stellar advice that clearly came from a place of solid experience.❞

Sample Presentation