Agency: NVE Experience Agency, Inc.

Strategist, Inclusive Marketing

Project Overview:
Serves as lead program manager for NVE Experience Agency’s Inclusive Learning Lab. The program invites industry leaders, creatives, and marketing professionals with the goal of cultivating a space for authentic and vulnerable conversations. The purpose of these discussions are to  lend more nuanced industry insight to help inform our work as marketers, creatives, artists, and producers. 

In Honor of Hispanic Heriate Month

Discovering Hispanic Culture Through The Lens of Music

Discussion Overview: To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, this installment of NVE’s Inclusive Learning Lab invited industry leaders in the entertainment space to discuss how music has impacted their life, and how they were able to carve their own career path while staying rooted in their cultural identity, values, and overall passion points.

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In Honor of Black History Month


Diversifying AI and the Metaverse 

Discussion Overview: During Black History Month, NVE hosted a discussion centered around Web3 and the current landscape of modern technology, diving into the ways in which it reflects the contemporary human experience across all areas of life. From face recognition to NFTs, the panel will dive into topics of how Black professionals in tech are creating a space for this community to show up, promote inclusivity, and combat biases in their line of work.

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In Recognition of Diversity Month & Earth Day


The Path Towards and Eco-Friendly and Inclusive Future

Discussion Overview: This installment of NVE’s Inclusive Learning Lab series centered around environmentalism and, social sustainability. With our esteemed line-up of panelists, we unearthed the nuances of what it means to be socially responsible as marketers in hopes to foster new thinking around how to create more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable experiences both physically and online. 

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Exploring Community Mental Health & Wellness


How to Cultivate Safe Spaces for People of Marginalized Identities

Discussion Overview: For NVE’s first-ever in-person Inclusive Learning Lab session, we invited our NVE community to step into a space dedicated to exploring a revolutionary approach to preserving our mental well-being that centers rest, joy, and communirt care as essential components of healing and self-preservation. Our guest speaker, N. Oumou Sylla, LMFT, guided the employese through an illuminating conversation unravelling the complexities surrounding mental health within marginalized communities.

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